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KSI: “Temper has no chance!”

KSI returns to the boxing ring on Saturday, taking on fellow Youtuber FaZe Temper live on DAZN from London's OVO Arena, Wembley.

The Nightmare will take place on January 14. KSI, who made history by defeating Luis Alcaraz Pineda and Swarmz in "Two Fights, One Night" in the first MF & DAZN: X Series 001 event back in August 2021.

This six-round match with Temper will be the main event of a star-studded lineup that also includes Slim vs. Tom Zanetti and Swarmz vs. Ryan Taylor, one of KSI's previous opponents.

KSI said: “I’m JJ, I’m KSI, I know what I am, I know how much work I put in and I feel like my intensity will break Temper down and he’s going to experience nothing like me. It will be a shock to the system.”

“I will be more clinical, more dangerous, and have more work rate in me. I’m going to show the world I mean business when it comes to the boxing scene.”

During his Boxing career, faZe has fought with Slim and Overtflow, with differing results. Temper's defeat by Slim has not defined him; rather, it has sparked a fire inside of him to build on his initial setback and continue the devastating performance he gave in Texas.

Unfazed, KSI intends to carry on with his devastating campaign in crossover boxing.

“Since I fought Logan I have gone levels above, and people will see I’m a very scary guy in the ring,” said KSI. Temper has no chance!”


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