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Leah McCourt Pulls Out of Bellator 302, Sinead Kavanagh Left Without Opponent

leah mccourt devastated
Leah McCourt

In the world of MMA, where every fight is a battle of determination and resilience, Leah McCourt's unfortunate injury has cast a shadow over the upcoming Bellator 302 event, leaving her opponent Sinead Kavanagh without a dance partner in the co-main event.

The anticipation for McCourt versus Kavanagh was palpable, with fans eagerly awaiting their clash on the March 22 card in Belfast. However, fate had other plans as McCourt was forced to withdraw from the bout due to a devastating injury sustained during a sparring accident, leaving her unable to compete.

In a heartfelt statement shared on Twitter, McCourt expressed her devastation over the situation, revealing the severity of her injury—a broken rib and torn oblique—that requires total rest and potential surgery. Despite her disappointment, McCourt remains resilient, trusting in a higher plan and vowing to return to the cage as soon as possible.

The news comes as a blow not only to McCourt but also to Bellator, which had eagerly anticipated her showdown with Kavanagh and had even promised McCourt a title shot against featherweight champion Cris Cyborg before the promotion's sale in late 2023.

With McCourt sidelined, Kavanagh finds herself in limbo, awaiting news of a new opponent or potential rescheduling of the bout. As speculation mounts over the future of the card and Kavanagh's next move, the MMA community rallies behind both fighters, wishing McCourt a speedy recovery and Kavanagh clarity amid uncertainty.

Bellator 302 remains headlined by a highly anticipated light heavyweight title fight between Corey Anderson and Karl Moore, promising fans an unforgettable night of action despite the setback in the co-main event.


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