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Leah McCourt's Belfast Dream: The Confident Pursuit of Cris Cyborg

In the world of mixed martial arts, dreams often collide with reality, creating sparks that ignite the fire within fighters. Leah McCourt, the rising star in Bellator, is no exception. With a clear vision in mind, she's confident that her path will lead her to a showdown with the legendary Cris Cyborg, and she has a special place in her heart for where that fight should take place—Belfast, Northern Ireland.

After an impressive victory over Sara McMann at Bellator 300, McCourt took a bold step by confronting Cyborg in the cage, right after Cyborg's own win over Cat Zingano. This post-fight face-off seemed to set the stage for their future matchup. However, with rumors swirling about the sale of Bellator, uncertainty looms over the fight's location and timing should the promotion cease operations.

On The MMA Hour, McCourt remained resolute in her belief that her clash with Cyborg will happen on her home turf in Belfast.

"I was told that fight could happen in Belfast," McCourt exclaimed. "I want to bring [the biggest show] just for everyone there; we've always had the community. In my heart of hearts, I believe it's going to happen. I believe I'm going to fight Cyborg in Belfast."

McCourt acknowledges Cyborg's aspirations to fight in Japan before retiring, but for her, Belfast is the only option. Her confidence stems from her years-long dream of facing Cyborg, a vision that fueled her determination heading into her pivotal fight with McMann. Not only did she predict her victory, but she also foresaw the face-off with Cyborg the same night.

"The whole camp I was envisioning facing off against Cyborg in the cage," McCourt revealed. "I was really believing that that was going to happen that night. Just to get to this point in my career is unbelievable."

Standing across from Cyborg, even if it was just for a photo-op, was a surreal moment for McCourt. It marked a significant milestone in her journey, considering where she came from and the obstacles she had overcome to reach that point.

Unfortunately, McCourt and Cyborg's plans are contingent on Bellator's future. The promotion has an event scheduled for Nov. 17 in Chicago, but the looming sale raises doubts about its continuity. What troubles McCourt the most, however, is the potential impact on the employees who have become like family during her time with Bellator.

"When I signed to Bellator, I was living in my mom's house and me and [my daughter] Isabella were in the same room," McCourt shared. "Where this company has taken me and the opportunities it's given me, if it does come to an end, it will be so sad and so heartbreaking."


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