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Mentor Of The Week - Miyamoto Musashi

Miyamoto Musashi was a artist, philosopher, writer, and warrior. He's arguably the most famed and influential swordsman from Japan. Miyamoto's mother died giving birth to him, so he was mostly raised by his father. His father was a fearsome samurai, who lead many victorious campaigns under the Shinmen clan across feudalistic Japan. His father Muni, taught Miyamoto swordsmanship, jiujitsu, and other combat skills.

Miyamoto was very bold, even from a young age. He and his father often argued. Because of this disobedience, his father sent Miyamoto to live with his Uncle Dorin. Dorin was a Monk who was a reformed samurai, he left the life of violence to pursue religion and thought. It was where Miyamoto learned philosophy, art, and meditation. Miyamoto would study under his Uncle mid day, while venting his aggression in the mornings and evenings alone in the woods training combat. He used his aggression of resentment from his father to train and learn relentlessly, becoming one of the biggest badasses in history.

At the age of 13 Miyamoto saw an open challenge posted in his a village. A samurai from a neighboring village was contesting he could best any swordsman from their village. Miyamoto openly accepted the challenge and on the day of their duel, he charged and killed the samurai with a staff.

He would eventually join a group of Samurai under his father and fight with them to win many successful campaigns as he became a young man. He went on to challenge the best swordsman in Japan. Often changing his styles and techniques to win. He had some 50 odd fights, most to the death, and he never lost. Because of Miyamoto Musashi, samurai started using two swords instead of just one.

Miyamoto wrote many successful books, that today are still best sellers like The Book Of Five Rings. His art is timeless. His quotes still full of wisdom today. If you ever want a mentor, look for one in Miyamoto Musashi.


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