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Mike Perry on potential Jake Paul fight

In terms of the discussions for a future boxing contest with Jake Paul, Mike Perry reports that not much has progressed, but he is still optimistic that the contest will take place.

Perry stated on social media a few weeks ago that he had reached an agreement to compete against Paul in the boxing ring. He even posted a screenshot of what he claimed to be the contract. Since that day, Paul has acknowledged Perry as a possibility and hinted that whereas Tommy Fury hasn't agreed to take on him, it would be his "lucky day."

Perry did not disclose all the specifics of his agreement, but the fight will begin swiftly if the agreement Perry reached and inked is fulfilled.

“I believe it was for mid-February,” Perry told MMA Fighting. “I don’t know what I can and can’t say, [because] I want it to happen, but there was supposed to be a really cool location and that intrigued me.

“I think it happens. If it is mid-February, I’ll be ready. I’m ready this weekend. I’m going to keep working, road work, lift some weights, eat healthy, just keep feeding myself and stay hungry. That’s me. That’s what I do.”

Even though Perry had publicly agreed to fight Jake Paul after he claimed back in December 2022, it's sad to say, it has become somewhat of an Influencer boxing tradition to cherry-pick the best fighter who pledges after spamming out offers. Just like KSI did with former UFC champion Tyron Woodley, and there might be a possibility Jake Paul might do the same with Platinum.

“People are still in the comments think I faked the contract,” Perry told MMA Fighting. “What? Did I type that up? You think I typed that up? Come on, man, I can’t type that up. It’s ridiculous. People will see it with their own eyes and still be in disbelief. It’s not like it matters.

“Jake’s got five pro boxing fights, if you could call them all pro boxing fights,” Perry continued. “He’s gotten a lot better since he’s been competing, he’s training all the time. I sparred him once, and I think it would be a great boxing match. I can’t lie, I’m a bare knuckle boxer, and I like to punch without anything. But with the gloves on I feel like I hit harder, and I think it would be interesting to see what I could do.”

Following his 15-fight tenure with the UFC came to a close, Perry got a contract with BKFC, where he won two fights in 2022 against Michael Page of Bellator and Julian Lane of the UFC. He participated in Triller's first-ever Triad Combat event before making his BKFC debut, which included a match between teams of MMA fighters and boxers in a cross between the two disciplines. In November 2021, "Platinum" faced Michael Seals and won on a split decision.

Since the negotiation for the fight against Jake Paul has not made any progress, Mike Perry named several notable fighters for his next fight on Twitter. The list included the names of Paul, Kevin Lee, Darren Till, Donald Cerrone, Nate Diaz, Conor McGregor and a dream fight with Roy Jones Jr.


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