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Mike Perry Open to Bare-Knuckle Showdown with Conor McGregor

Mike Perry wishes to face McGregor in BKFC
Mike Perry and Conor McGregor

In the realm of combat sports dreams, the prospect of Mike Perry stepping into a bare-knuckle ring against Conor McGregor has ignited both excitement and speculation.

Perry, known for his aggressive fighting style and fearless demeanor, has expressed his interest in a potential showdown with McGregor, citing the Irish fighter's love for throwing hands and his admiration for Perry's performances.

The idea gained traction after Perry's impressive victory over Luke Rockhold, where McGregor was ringside and later joined Perry in the ring for a brief faceoff. This interaction sparked discussions and speculation among fight fans about the possibility of a bare-knuckle clash between the two explosive fighters.

Perry acknowledges the potential challenges of facing McGregor, not just in terms of the fight itself but also in dealing with McGregor's notorious trash-talking skills. However, Perry remains undaunted, recognizing the allure and excitement such a matchup would bring to the combat sports world.

In a recent interview, Perry shared his thoughts on the potential fight, saying, “I think it could be a possibility. When my manager shared it and [he was like], ‘This will happen,’ I was like, whoa, that’s cool."

While Perry respects McGregor's ability to engage in verbal warfare, he also believes in his skills inside the ring. He welcomes the opportunity to test himself against McGregor's boxing prowess and sees it as a chance to showcase his capabilities.

“Maybe he would rip me apart with the words. I’d be there for it! Let’s go! I’d learn a thing or two for sure, and I’d try to teach him a thing or two in the ring when it came to fighting," Perry remarked.

The potential matchup adds another layer of excitement to Perry's burgeoning career in bare-knuckle fighting. Having already called out several notable opponents and faced tough challenges, Perry sees a showdown with McGregor as the ultimate test of skill and determination.

As for McGregor, who is nearing the end of his current UFC contract, the allure of a bare-knuckle battle with someone like Perry might be enticing. Known for his willingness to take on new challenges, McGregor could view this as an opportunity to showcase his skills in a different arena.

While nothing is set in stone, the prospect of Mike Perry vs. Conor McGregor in a bare-knuckle fight continues to capture the imagination of fight fans worldwide, showcasing the enduring appeal and excitement of combat sports.


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