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MMA Fighter Calls Out Judge After Controversial Decision

MMA Fighter Smotherman clinched a split decision victory over Ryan Kuse, only to unleash a fiery tirade against judge Chance Williams. The contentious decision sparked controversy as Smotherman, known for his striking prowess, vehemently disagreed with the scoring.


"Damage wins fights," Smotherman declared in his post-fight interview, directed at Williams. "To that judge, 30-27, you fcking suck. I hope you quit. Damage wins fights, and if that’s the criteria, I’m going to win every fcking time."

The fight was a classic matchup between a grappler and a striker, with Smotherman playing the role of the striker.

Despite being tested on the ground, Smotherman believed that his damage in the standup exchanges should have earned him a clear victory in the third round. However, Williams' scoring did not reflect this, leading to Smotherman's emotional outburst.

Smotherman's outspoken nature and post-fight comments raise questions about how promotions like the UFC might perceive him.

While his personality adds a unique flavor to the sport, it remains to be seen whether his behavior will be viewed positively or as a red flag by major organizations. One thing is certain: MMA thrives on characters, and Smotherman is certainly one of them.


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