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Muhammad Ali's Iconic Fight Shorts Could Fetch $6 Million at Auction

A pair of shorts worn by boxing legend Muhammad Ali during one of the most legendary fights in history is set to be auctioned off, with estimates reaching up to $6 million. The Everlast white trunks, adorned with black trim, were worn by Ali during his iconic match against Joe Frazier in the Thrilla in Manila on October 1, 1975.

Muhammad Ali

The third fight of their famed trilogy, the Thrilla in Manila was a highly anticipated showdown, with Frazier having won their first bout and Ali taking the victory in their second encounter. The outcome of this fight would determine the ultimate champion between the two boxing greats.

After 14 grueling rounds, Frazier's trainer, Eddie Futch, made the difficult decision to withdraw him from the fight before the 15th and final round could begin, declaring Ali the winner by technical knockout.

The auction, hosted by Sotheby's, features the signed trunks as its centerpiece, with a starting bid of $3.8 million. The listing includes a description of the shorts, highlighting their significance as Ali's "calling card" and a symbol of his confidence and belief in victory.

Ali famously described the Thrilla in Manila as the closest he had come to death, highlighting the intensity and physical toll of the fight. Despite the brutal nature of the match, Ali and Frazier both emerged as champions in the eyes of the boxing world.

Bidding for the iconic shorts will close on April 12, with the final price expected to exceed $4 million.


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