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Ian Machado Garry: "I’ll retire Colby Covington"

Ian Machado Garry is basking in the glow of his seventh consecutive UFC victory, a unanimous decision triumph over Geoff Neal at UFC 298. The Brazilian fighter, known as “The Future,” is relishing life in São Paulo following his latest triumph but has wasted no time in setting his sights on his next opponent: Colby Covington.

Ian Machado Garry

Speaking to MMA Fighting's Guilherme Cruz at the Tiro Certo Golfe studio in São Paulo, where he was engaged in some indoor golf, Garry expressed his desire to face Covington at UFC 303 on June 29 in Las Vegas.

“If Colby wants to fight in his back garden tomorrow, I will fly to Miami and fight him in his back garden,” Garry declared. “I just want him as the opponent. I want him to be a man and step into the octagon and face his fears. Face the man who he’s talked a lot of s*** about, and watch what happens when you get in there."

Covington is coming off a loss to welterweight champion Leon Edwards at UFC 296 in December 2023, his third unsuccessful bid for the undisputed title. Despite this setback, Garry views Covington as a formidable opponent and is motivated by the challenge he presents.

“I want to fight him because of the following he has, the respect on his name as one of the better fighters in this division and has been for a long time,” Garry explained.
“But I also know that even if it was the best Colby Covington we ever seen, he would never stand a chance against me. No matter how good Colby Covington ever could be or would be, he would never be able to beat me. I’m too elite. I’m too fast. I’m too technically brilliant. He just doesn’t stand a chance."

Garry is determined to not only defeat Covington but also to retire him from MMA altogether.

“The s*** he talks ... I’ll step into that octagon, and I’ll retire him," Garry asserted. "That’s my goal. My whole goal to when I fight Colby Covington is that he never puts on MMA gloves ever again.”


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