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Muhammad Mokaev says he suffered a ‘partial’ MCL tear at UFC 286 and plans to be back training soon

Step right up, fight fans! Brace yourselves for a nail-biting tale of grit and determination in the UFC octagon. It seemed like Muhammad Mokaev's dreams of glory might come crashing down when he found himself trapped in a brutal leg lock during UFC 286. But this young warrior refused to tap out, no matter how much agony wracked his body.

With fierce determination, Mokaev fought through the pain and managed to break free from his opponent's deadly hold. In a stunning turn of events, he secured a rear naked choke in the final seconds of the fight, winning by submission. However, even in victory, Mokaev was visibly favoring his left leg, which had suffered a serious injury in the match.

In a recent social media post, the undefeated prospect revealed the true extent of his injury. Mokaev disclosed that he had suffered a Grade 2 "partial tear" of his MCL, which would sideline him for six to eight weeks. Despite this setback, he remained determined to come back stronger than ever, thanking his supporters and declaring his intention to be a champion someday.

“6-8 weeks I will be back training,” Mokaev stated. “Thank you for all your messages, I received crazy amount of the support about my knee! It’s a strap season for me and my people! I will be champion one day Insha’Allah.”

The 21-year-old also mentioned that the MCL rupture will not require surgery; nonetheless, he hopes for yet another inspection when the swelling diminishes. Mokaev explained his injuries and said that by refusing to tap, he just gained more identity.

"Much more confidence added to my game because I didn’t tap! Pain is temporary, I’m still on the crutches but my heart feels very good right now."

This young fighter's story is a testament to the incredible resilience and spirit of the human body and mind. With three submission finishes in his four UFC victories, it's clear that Muhammad Mokaev has a bright future ahead of him. So, keep your eyes peeled, fight fans, because the Punisher is just getting started!


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