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Ngannou Could Get Top 10 WBC Ranking After Split Decision Loss to Fury

Francis Ngannou, the former UFC heavyweight champ, shocked the boxing world by giving Tyson Fury a tough fight on Saturday night (October 28). Ngannou knocked Fury down and pressured him throughout the 10 rounds. Fury barely won by a split decision from two judges. After the fight, Ngannou’s coach Dewey Cooper spoke to reporters. He said that WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman will put Ngannou in the top 10 rankings.

“Mauricio Sulaiman, the WBC president, said he’ll rank him in the top 10 because he’s better than most of them. He said that in the ring,” Cooper said.

Ngannou received a lot of compliments for his performance against “The Gypsy King.” UFC legend Daniel Cormier praised him on his YouTube channel after the fight.

“Francis Ngannou showed that he is the baddest man on the planet,” Cormier said. “Why? Because he was the UFC heavyweight champion, and he fought the lineal heavyweight champion of the world to a split decision.
Tyson Fury could not fight Francis Ngannou in MMA like Francis fought Tyson in boxing. There’s no way a fight between any boxer and the UFC heavyweight champion in MMA goes to that kind of decision. It was the most amazing performance I’ve ever seen for a guy outside of his comfort zone.”


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