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Yesterday writing the A.J article I couldnt help but to remember the great Evander" Real Deal" Holyfield. All those great fights he gave us, I really dont think we will ever see another fighter like him again. Especially now a days where the fighters are more concerned about how their eyebrows are plucked than how they look fighting and giving people their money's worth. The heart and determination he gave in his fights is rare to see now a days. His list of victims include pretty much the biggest names of his era. Tyson, Botha, Rahman, Ruiz, Moore, Czyz, Mercer, Holmes, Foreman, Douglas, and the list goes on and on. He never ducted nobody and fought all the top contenders and mandatory challengers rarely seen today. Now fighters dont care about championship or honor, they just want to get payed. Thats why they dont get the respect they believe they deserve. Holyfield will go down as a fighter with a huge heart and a never say die attitude, an olímpic Bronze medal winner and being the only 4x heavyweight world champ in the history of the sport. He was also an undisputed champion in cruiserweight and heavyweight in the 3 belt era. Those are acomplishments that will be really hard to beat.


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