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Oscar De La Hoya Accuses Gervonta Davis’ Team of Lack of Confidence Ahead of Ryan Garcia Fight

On Saturday night, Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis will enter the ring at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas for their highly anticipated 12-round fight. However, the lead-up to the event has been overshadowed by comments made by Hall-of-Fame boxer Oscar De La Hoya, who accused Davis’ team of being overprotective and lacking confidence in the undefeated knockout artist.

De La Hoya’s comments stemmed from the restrictions placed on Garcia and Davis during weigh-ins and rehydration periods. Davis’ team insisted on a catchweight of 136 pounds, a weigh-in two hours later than usual, and a rehydration restriction for a second-day weigh-in late Saturday morning.

Both fighters can add as much weight as they want from the time their second weigh-in ends until they enter the ring, but neither can weigh more than 146 pounds at their second weigh-in.

De La Hoya, who has spent most of his early life in the ring and knows firsthand what it takes to compete at the highest level, believes that Garcia is ready and that his team has the confidence in him to win the fight.

However, he questions whether Davis’ team feels the same way.

Despite Davis looking physically ready and confident, De La Hoya suggests that his team’s actions throughout the promotion have left him wondering if they really think he is ready.

He believes that by restricting Garcia at weigh-ins on back-to-back days, Davis’ team is displaying insecurity and lack of confidence in their fighter.

The comments made by De La Hoya have added an extra layer of tension to what was already set to be an intense showdown in the ring.

Fans are eagerly waiting to see whether Garcia can maintain his undefeated record and take down Davis, or whether the overprotectiveness of Davis’ team was necessary to secure his own unbeaten record.

Regardless of the outcome, one thing is certain – this fight is set to be a spectacle, with both fighters looking to prove their worth and silence the critics.


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