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Oscar De La Hoya Questions Canelo Alvarez's Performance Despite Clear Victory

Oscar De La Hoya, the former boxer and promoter of Canelo Alvarez, has expressed his dissatisfaction with Alvarez's recent unanimous decision win against John Ryder. Despite Alvarez's dominant display, which included knocking down Ryder and controlling the fight, De La Hoya expected a more decisive performance from the Mexican star, especially considering it was his first fight on home soil in almost 12 years. De La Hoya's comments have raised questions about Alvarez's future and the potential for a reunion with his former promoter.

A Victory That Falls Short

Canelo Alvarez, the undisputed super middleweight champion, showcased his skills and dominated John Ryder throughout their bout. Alvarez busted Ryder's nose in the second round, dropped him in the fifth, and controlled the fight for the majority of the rounds. However, De La Hoya, speaking from his Golden Boy Promotions headquarters, expressed his disappointment with the performance, stating that he expected more from Alvarez, especially given the caliber of his opponent.

The Desire for a Definitive Finish

De La Hoya emphasized that when a fighter has his opponent hurt, he should finish the job decisively. He believed that Alvarez had the opportunity to secure a more conclusive victory, and the 50,000 fans in attendance in Guadalajara expected nothing less. De La Hoya's comments suggest that he holds high standards for Alvarez and believes the Mexican star should have delivered a more emphatic performance against Ryder.

The Bivol Rematch and Alvarez's Future

Despite suffering only the second loss of his career against WBA light heavyweight champion Dmitry Bivol last year, Alvarez remains determined to secure a rematch with the Russian under the same terms. However, Bivol has expressed his desire to challenge Alvarez at the super middleweight limit of 168 pounds instead of the light heavyweight division. This disagreement creates uncertainty regarding Alvarez's future path.

Reuniting with De La Hoya: Potential Opponents

If Canelo Alvarez were to reconsider his options and reconnect with his former promoter, Oscar De La Hoya, there are potential opponents on the horizon. De La Hoya mentioned Jaime Munguia and Gilberto Ramirez as potential opponents for Alvarez. While De La Hoya kept his plans undisclosed, he hinted at having a strategy in mind for Alvarez's future.

The Uncertainty Ahead

The differing perspectives between Alvarez and De La Hoya raise questions about the direction of Alvarez's career. While De La Hoya appears critical of Alvarez's recent performance, highlighting concerns about the Mexican star's age, it remains unclear how Alvarez will navigate his career moving forward. Alvarez's current promoter, Eddie Hearn, will continue to guide his next moves, but the possibility of a reunion with De La Hoya adds an intriguing dimension to the equation.


Oscar De La Hoya's recent remarks regarding Canelo Alvarez's victory over John Ryder have sparked discussions about Alvarez's future and the potential for a reunion with his former promoter. De La Hoya expressed disappointment with Alvarez's performance, expecting a more convincing result against Ryder. While Alvarez remains focused on a rematch with Dmitry Bivol, the disagreement over weight class adds uncertainty to his next steps. Whether Alvarez pursues De La Hoya's proposed opponents or continues under the guidance of Eddie Hearn, the future of the Mexican superstar in the boxing world remains both captivating and uncertain.


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