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Renato Moicano Explains Why He Chose UFC 300 Over Easier Fight With Paddy Pimblett

Renato Moicano stills has eyes set on Pimblett
Renato Moicano

UFC lightweight contender Renato Moicano has made it clear that money was the deciding factor in his choice to compete at UFC 300 against Jalin Turner, rather than pursuing what he considered an easier fight with Paddy Pimblett.

Moicano, coming off a win against Drew Dober just nine weeks ago, was initially eyeing a matchup with Pimblett or a fight in his home country at UFC 301. However, when the opportunity for UFC 300 arose, Moicano prioritized financial gain over his preferred opponents.

"Of course, I wanted Paddy because on paper it was the easiest fight," Moicano explained during a pre-fight news conference. "But at the same time, I don’t choose my opponents, and I don’t have time to sit and wait. I’m 34 years old. I have to fight. I have to get money."

The allure of UFC 300, a historic event, and the potential for increased bonuses were key factors in Moicano's decision-making process. While the promotion has not officially announced raised bonuses for this event, Moicano, along with other fighters, has advocated for such increases.

"One hundred percent," Moicano emphasized. "He (Dana White) should do that on every card. It’s hard to get a finish in the UFC and I think if you do, you should get more money."

Despite the financial motivations, Moicano is not underestimating his upcoming opponent, Jalin Turner. He recognizes Turner's skills but is confident in his ability to secure a victory and climb the lightweight rankings.

"He’s very good, but I’ll beat him on Saturday," Moicano asserted. "I want to get closer to the title and I want more money."

Moicano's pragmatic approach to fight selection highlights the balancing act between career progression and financial stability in the competitive world of MMA.


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