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Renato Moicano's Shocking Transformation: From McGregor Hater to Admirer!

Renato Moicano made headlines with his post-fight speech at C, leaving even Conor McGregor amused. Moicano faced Drew Dober last Saturday, securing a unanimous decision victory after three rounds of intense action. Known for his recent quirky persona, Moicano delivered a speech that left fans in disbelief.

Renato Moicano

During his interview with UFC Hall of Famer Daniel Cormier, Moicano shared that his 62-year-old father had just welcomed a new baby, inspiring him to expand his own family. He urged Americans to go to church and have kids, warning of dire consequences for the country otherwise. Moicano also expressed a desire to join the SWAT team, adding to his eccentric charm.

Conor McGregor reacted to Moicano's interview on his X account, expressing amusement at the news of Moicano's new sibling. Moicano responded, acknowledging that he initially didn't understand McGregor's trash talk but now does.

Having won two consecutive fights, Moicano is gaining momentum after his first fight since November 2022, where he was sidelined due to injury. With his victory over Dober and a growing fan base, UFC's matchmaking for Moicano's future fights will be intriguing. In the meantime, he remains committed to his mission of expanding the population.


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