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Riddick Bowe VS Lamar Odom

I almost felt kind of bad watching Aaron Carter get beat up by Lamar Odom. Then I remembered all the smack talk Aaron Carter was giving Lamar Odom. I didn't feel bad at all then. It was funny, Aaron suggested Lamar couldn't take him because he fought regular and southpaw. Some other outlandish things. Listen, calling out an ex NBA player who has significant height, weight, and reach over you. When you're not an athlete at all. Isn't a smart move.

So now Lamar Odom is going to fight Riddick Bowe. Wow. It's almost like the tables have turned. Lamar seemed really chill going into the fight with Aaron, so I'm sure he'll give the same respect to Riddick. You can sure bet that most people will claim Bowe as their anticipated victor. The man has a record of 43-1 with 33 knockouts, victories over fighters like Evander Holyfield, and was competing in kickboxing as far back as 2013.

Odom is a good bit younger than Bowe, but old man strength is a real thing. There's also a level of experience you gain through years of mitts and heavy bag sessions. You cant just speed train your way through that.

If Riddick Bowe doesn't do to Lamar Odom, what Lamar did to Aaron Carter. I'll be very surprised. Regardless this should be a very interesting matchup!


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