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Ryan Garcia and Oscar De La Hoya come to blows on Twitter

For those who were unaware, Ryan Garcia's promoter is Oscar de la Hoya, but the young boxer just let some dirty laundry out in the open. A article by journalist Michael Benson that mimicked De la Hoya's most recent remarks, in which he attempts to promote a bout between Manny Pacquiao and Garcia, was what set the whole thing off. Ryan obviously disagrees with this and has arranged his next three opponents in that sequence.

More essential, though, is the fact that Ryan is making his major promoter seem bad, and De la Hoya is not one to keep silent when that happens.

This very well might be the signs of a potential break up between Garcia and Golden Boy Promotions. De la Hoya took to Twitter in order to remind Ryan Garcia he was basically forced into that dreadful rehydration clause. In the mainds of boxing experts, this clause should've never been agreed for Ryan.

It shows to be the main reason Garcia wasn't able to continue and seemed gas throughout the entire fight against Gervonta Davis. But as his promoter, Ryan Garcia felt this as a direct attack from the person who is supposed to be in his corner.

It's obvious from this heated argument that Ryan Garcia is growing more dissatisfied with De la Hoya's performance. Could this indicate that the young fighter may now consider looking for a new promoter? If Ryan's next opponent cannot be agreed upon by the two sides, Garcia may pull the plug. Ryan even claimed that Oscar de la Hoya had taken selfies with one of his potential opponents in his final jab, which has since been removed from his Twitter account.


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