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Ryan Garcia Believes He's King of Boxing Ahead of Gervonta Davis Bout

Ryan Garcia is confident that he is the king of boxing ahead of his highly-anticipated bout with Gervonta Davis. The 24-year old Californian boasts an impressive record of 23-0 with 19 KOs and has a huge following of 9.5 million Instagram followers. He believes that whoever wins the upcoming bout between him and Davis at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas will become the face of boxing.

"We really came together and conquered the poison that’s been stopping boxing from making the biggest fights," said Garcia. "We found a way. This is a moment that boxing has been longing for. You really can’t make a bigger fight than this."

Garcia is well aware of the challenges facing boxing, including those who prioritize business over fighting. He is proud to be part of a big fight that isn't "marinated" until it's spoiled. Garcia has earned the right to sell the fight, with his talent as a fighter and his enormous following on social media.

Despite his confidence, Garcia recognizes that his upcoming bout with Davis will be a huge challenge.

He believes that the fight could inspire young fighters to get into boxing and chase their dreams.

"To me, this is important to everybody that it takes courage to go after something that nobody believed you could do," said Garcia. "That’s why I’m standing here today. To make everybody realize that if you’re in there and chase your dream like you’ve never chased anything before, and you’ll see something special happen."

Garcia's words show his passion for the sport and his desire to see boxing succeed. His confidence and energy could be just what the sport needs to inspire the next generation of fighters.


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