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Scott Coker: Bellator, free agent Luke Rockhold in discussions to see if there's a fit

Luke Rockhold and Scott Coker might get together once more. Coker has disclosed that he and Luke Rockhold are now discussing the possibility of joining hands once more.

Rockhold, who is now a free agent after departing the UFC, publicly declared his intention to look for new alternatives in combat sports. Additionally, he has stated that he would like to challenge Jake Paul in an exhibition match to halt the YouTuber's undefeated run and maybe earn a significant sum of money for the former UFC champion.

Rockhold's career at Strikeforce was what made him most well-known before joining the UFC. He scored 9-0 there, winning the middleweight title for Strikeforce in the end. Coker, who managed with Rockhold at Strikeforce, claims that he has spoken to Rockhold's agent Dave Martin of MAG Sports regarding the actual possibilities of joining forces. Rockhold will go to Bellator 290 on Saturday, per Coker.

“We’ve talked to Dave Martin and I think he’s going to come to the fight. We’ll probably have a conversation or two,” Coker said after a Bellator 290 news conference. “We just haven’t sat down and had a real conversation yet. We’ve been busy with this event, but we will at some point, to see if there’s something that could work or if there’s a fit.”

The 38-year-old Rockhold made his MMA comeback in August, but he fell short of defeating Paulo Costa in a contest that earned him the Fight of the Night prize. Before being defeated by Michael Bisping for the UFC middleweight belt in 2016, he had lost three of his previous four matches.

Rockhold expressed a few annoyances in the run-up to his very last UFC fight, mainly regarding athlete rights and remuneration. After the bout, he said it was feasible, if not likely, to quit. But Rockhold claimed that since then he has been feeling better than before and he has still got it what it needs to be in the ring.

Luke must be aware that he only has a limited amount of time remaining considering his age of 38. Which doesn't preclude him from earning a few bucks at Bellator, though, if it makes sense. Certainly, the veteran is unbeaten underneath Scott Coker's close supervision. In light of this, if they choose to pursue it, there would undoubtedly be some direct marketing advantages.


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