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Sean O'Malley Open to Boxing Match Against Ryan Garcia

UFC's Sean O'Malley has stirred up some buzz, but he's not stepping into the boxing ring just yet. After boxing sensation Ryan Garcia expressed interest in facing O'Malley in an MMA bout, the UFC bantamweight champion revealed that the UFC would allow him to box Garcia if the financial incentives were significant enough.

Sean O'Malley

In a recent episode of his TimboSugarShow podcast, O'Malley shared, "They told me you can do a boxing fight, 100 percent, if it makes us enough money." However, O'Malley recognizes the need for a big draw on both sides, comparing it to the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor showdown.

The UFC's decision to let McGregor box Mayweather in 2017 proved lucrative for all involved, and O'Malley is eyeing a similar payday. Despite being a rising star in the UFC and coming off a successful title defense against Marlon Vera, O'Malley believes he needs to further elevate his profile.

"I've still got to become bigger. Two more sick performances and then we're talking about being able to do whatever the f*** we want," O'Malley asserted.

While O'Malley and Garcia have both made waves outside the ring with their performances and antics, O'Malley is particularly intrigued by Garcia's trajectory following his recent victory over Devin Haney.

"I think he's that crazy, he's that good too," O'Malley commented. "He probably trained hard. Some people have different genes. I couldn't do it... He's going to make his money. Let's see where he goes in the next two weeks."


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