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Sean Strickland REVEALS how he defeated Israel Adesanya!

UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland is gearing up for his highly anticipated return to the octagon this Saturday night, where he will headline UFC 293 in the main event against the rising star Dricus du Plessis. Ahead of his upcoming bout, Strickland has been reflecting on his historic upset victory over former champion Israel Adesanya and sharing his insights on the mental aspects of the sport.

In a recent interview with ESPN MMA's Megan Olivi, Strickland offered a unique perspective on his triumph over Adesanya, attributing part of his success to his opponent's mental state. According to Strickland, Adesanya's mental focus was compromised by external factors, which he believes ultimately contributed to his defeat.

"During the fight, I could sense that Adesanya was not in the right mental state," Strickland remarked. "He seemed distracted, and I capitalized on that. It's important for me to stay mentally sharp and not let outside influences affect my performance."

Reflecting on his own mindset, Strickland emphasized the importance of staying grounded and focused on his goals.

"I'm not here to boast or make grandiose claims," he stated. "I'm just a fighter who is dedicated to my craft and focused on achieving success in the octagon."

Looking ahead to his upcoming title defense against du Plessis, Strickland expressed confidence in his abilities but remained humble about the challenges that lie ahead. "I know what I'm capable of, and I'm prepared to showcase my skills once again," he affirmed. "But in this sport, anything can happen, so I'm staying focused and ready for whatever comes my way."

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