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Shane Mosley impressed by Jake Paul's work ethic

Former three division world champion Shane Mosley is very pleased with the work ethic of Youtube star turned boxer, Jake Paul (6-1, 4 KOs).

Paul worked with Mosley in the early designs of his pro boxing run.

Following his pro debut in January 2020, Paul would then start using retired boxer BJ Flores as head trainer.

Earlier this year, Paul suffered his first career defeat when he was outboxed over eight rounds by unbeaten light heavyweight prospect Tommy Fury.

Following that loss, Paul decided to make some changes to his team and reunited with Mosley for his next fight.

Paul is scheduled to face MMA veteran Nate Diaz on August 5th.

"I was one of the first trainers when he first fought AnEson Gib in Miami," Mosley told The DAZN Boxing Show. "I thought that when he came to training, 'wow this kid is really trying to be a fighter, he really wants to do this'. I heard about him a little bit through my kids, and we stopped by his house in Hollywood.

"He said he really likes boxing, we just showed up to his house and if you like boxing you know who I am. We started talking, I thought he was a really bright guy, he was about 21-years-old. I said you like boxing, you need to give me a call I have a gym and I can show you how to be a real fighter. Not just a YouTuber playing around, how to be a real fighter.

"I think I convinced him, I showed him how to be a professional fighter and I would have him go down the street to spar with real fighters. I had him in a real boxing environment, BJ Flores was my assistant. I thought BJ Flores at the time should be able to train him on the level of the YouTubers he was fighting."


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