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Super Middleweight Contender Zach Parker Ready to Shine Again

Zach Parker, the super middleweight division’s once-forgotten contender, is poised to make a resounding comeback and re-establish his presence in the boxing world. After a 10-month hiatus due to injury, the 29-year-old returned to the ring last September, defeating Khalid Gradia. Now, Parker is set for a significant challenge as he prepares to face Germany’s former WBA super middleweight champion, Tyron Zeuge (27-1-1, 15 KOs), as part of Queensberry’s upcoming Magnificent Seven show.

Zach Parker

Prior to his injury, Parker (23-1, 17 KOs) was viewed as one of the most promising prospects in the super middleweight division. However, a badly broken hand forced him to retire after just four rounds of the WBO interim super middleweight title fight against John Ryder in November 2022. This setback, coupled with his extended absence from the ring, caused Parker to fade from the division's spotlight.

Despite his temporary disappearance from the limelight, Parker remains confident in his abilities and is determined to prove his worth.

"It does feel like I’m being underestimated a little bit," Parker told "Inactivity hasn’t played the best part because I’ve been injured and whatnot, but I’m looking to get right back in the mix."

During his time away from competition, Parker dedicated himself to improving every aspect of his training regimen. He focused on healing injuries, optimizing his weight management, and enhancing his rest and recovery strategies. Now fully recovered and in prime physical condition, Parker is eager to showcase his evolution as a fighter.

Beyond his athletic pursuits, Parker's time off also provided him with a valuable perspective on life and his career.

"You get wiser as you get older and go through things in life," he reflected. "This boxing game isn’t a long career, and it can be even shorter if you get injured. I genuinely feel like I’m just coming into my prime."

With his sights set on world title contention, Parker has expressed a desire to face top contenders such as David Benavidez. Despite facing challenges in securing these high-profile fights due to boxing politics, Parker remains steadfast in his pursuit of the sport's elite.


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