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Taylor vs Catterall Press Conference Drama!

Taylor vs Catterall: The tension between Josh Taylor and Jack Catterall reached a boiling point during a promotional event for their upcoming rematch on April 27. The two fighters, who first met in a controversial bout for the undisputed super lightweight title in 2022, had to be separated as emotions ran high.

Taylor vs Catterall

Taylor was awarded a split decision victory in their first encounter, a result that has fueled Catterall's desire for revenge. The bitterness between them has only grown since then, culminating in a heated exchange at the press conference in Edinburgh, Taylor's birthplace.

Eddie Hearn, the promoter, was forced to step in as the fighters exchanged insults and nearly came to blows. Taylor, 33, directed a heated comment at Catterall, stating, "You're messed up."

Catterall, 30, expressed his lack of respect for Taylor and his belief that he won their first fight. He highlighted his own recent victories and Taylor's loss to Teofimo Lopez in June 2023 as signs of Taylor's decline.

"I believe he's on the decline and I'm going to capitalize on it and put him to bed," Catterall stated confidently. He also predicted a victory inside the distance, emphasizing his intention to do damage.

Taylor, on the other hand, remained focused on the upcoming fight, dismissing Catterall's claims and expressing his eagerness to prove himself. He acknowledged the importance of the rematch for his career, stating,

"I need to be back to my best, and win this fight to keep my career on the go."

The rematch between Taylor and Catterall will take place at the First Direct Arena in Leeds, with Catterall expected to have strong support from English fans. Despite the animosity between them, Taylor emphasized that he does not hate anyone but simply dislikes Catterall and is eager to defeat him in the ring.

Hearn, meanwhile, praised Taylor as "arguably Scotland's greatest ever fighter," but Taylor himself knows that even a victory over Catterall may not earn him the same status as the legendary Ken Buchanan.


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