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Teddy Atlas Predicts Trouble for Jake Paul Against Mike Tyson

Renowned boxing expert Teddy Atlas has shared his insights on the highly anticipated boxing match between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson, set to take place later this year. The clash between the YouTube sensation-turned-boxer and the former heavyweight champion has generated significant attention and debate within the boxing community.

Teddy Atlas

Criticism surrounding the bout has centered on Tyson's age, with many questioning the validity and fairness of the matchup. Despite this, some observers have pointed to Tyson's recent training videos on social media as evidence of his readiness and capability to compete at a high level.

Atlas, known for his astute analysis and no-nonsense approach, offered his perspective on the fight, emphasizing the risks involved for Paul.

"I think this is a very dangerous fight for Paul," Atlas remarked. "I think early on, early on, I think he might be making a mistake because, first of all, for me, he don’t got a lot other than money, and he’s made plenty of money."

Atlas highlighted the potential consequences for Paul, suggesting that a victory would be downplayed due to Tyson's age, while a loss would be heavily criticized.

"For me, he’s got a lot more to lose than Tyson," Atlas explained. "A lot more, I mean, Tyson, whatever they’re paying him, he’s been making good money, you know."

In assessing Tyson's comeback and preparation for the fight, Atlas commended the team around Tyson for their efforts in guiding him back to the ring.

"He’s come back, like I said, in his life. He’s done a good job having the people around him, I guess his wife is part of that obviously, where they’ve done a good job to get him on the track they’ve gotten him on."


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