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Floyd Schofield Calls Out Champions: Is He Ready for the Big Leagues?

Young lightweight boxer Floyd Schofield, known as "Kid Austin," is making waves in the boxing world with his impressive record of 17-0, including 12 knockouts. The 21-year-old Texan recently secured a fifth-round disqualification win over Esteuri Suero (13-2, 10 KOs) in Las Vegas, showcasing his potential in the ring.

Floyd Schofield

Schofield is now setting his sights on the top names in the division, particularly targeting Shakur Stevenson, the current WBC lightweight titleholder. Stevenson, a highly regarded boxer who has sparred with Schofield in the past, left a lasting impression on the young fighter.

Reflecting on his sparring sessions with Stevenson, Schofield shared,

“I learned that he is a thinker. But that sparring gave me confidence and showed me I could do this. That is what gives me the confidence to keep pushing. If I could keep up with a champion at the time, maybe I could become a champion.”

Despite his undeniable talent and potential, Schofield is facing challenges in securing high-profile fights. He has called out Stevenson and other top fighters like Devin Haney, but his record and accomplishments so far are not on par with those of the more established boxers in the division.

“We asked him to send the contract,” Schofield said of Stevenson. “We are calling Shakur out because, one, he has a belt in our division. He is one of the best. He has to be one of the best to have a belt in our division.”

Stevenson, a 2016 U.S. Olympic silver medalist and a three-division world champion, is widely regarded as one of boxing's current best. Known for his speed, power, and technical prowess, Stevenson poses a significant challenge to any opponent.

Despite the odds, Schofield remains determined to prove himself in the ring. Alongside William Zepeda, another rising lightweight who has called out Stevenson, Schofield is eager to take on the best in the division.


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