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Terence Crawford Chasing Canelo Alvarez's Crown Before Retirement

As Terence Crawford approaches the twilight of his illustrious boxing career, the 36-year-old is setting his sights on one last hurrah, and it involves stepping into the ring with the sport's biggest money magnet, Canelo Alvarez.

Terence Crawford

Having already achieved a remarkable feat by winning world titles in three different weight classes and becoming an undisputed champion at both 140 and 147 pounds, retirement seems imminent for Crawford. However, before hanging up his gloves for good, the Nebraska native is eager for one final shot at glory and a substantial payday.

Former champion Antonio Tarver has weighed in on the situation, acknowledging Crawford's perspective but also emphasizing the importance of facing challenges like Ennis to solidify his legacy. According to Tarver, if the rematch between Crawford and Spence doesn't materialize, Crawford must face Ennis to maintain his status as the division's champion.

“The only reason Ennis has to take a backseat is to the rematch of Spence and Crawford," Tarver told Shawn Porter on The Porter Way podcast. "If that rematch doesn’t happen, and Crawford still campaigns as the champ, he has to face Ennis.”

Despite the size and weight disparity, with Alvarez competing in divisions far above Crawford's usual weight class, the prospect of facing the Mexican superstar doesn't deter Crawford. Instead, he sees it as an opportunity to prove his worth and secure a lucrative payout.

Before a potential clash with Alvarez can materialize, Crawford must first navigate a rematch with Errol Spence Jr., whom he defeated in a thrilling encounter in 2023. Spence exercised his immediate rematch clause, setting the stage for another high-stakes showdown between the two welterweight titans.

However, Crawford's immediate focus is not solely on Spence. Rising star Jaron Ennis has been clamoring for a shot at the top contenders in the division, including Crawford. Despite Ennis's persistence, Crawford has shown little interest in facing him, citing the high risk and minimal reward of such a matchup.


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