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Tim Tszyu Slams Charlo as 'Coward'

Australian boxing sensation Tim Tszyu has never been one to mince words, and his recent comments about Jermell Charlo, the former 154-pound division kingpin, have raised eyebrows across the boxing world.

Tim Tszyu

From the outset of his career, Tszyu harbored ambitions of becoming a world champion, and his ascent up the junior middleweight ranks was nothing short of meteoric. However, he quickly realized that merely holding a belt wasn't enough—he aimed to defeat the best to solidify his legacy.

Charlo, known for his enigmatic persona, reigned supreme in the 154-pound division, a fact that Tszyu acknowledged with reluctant admiration. Despite the seemingly insurmountable challenge Charlo posed, Tszyu was eager for a shot at the top.

Yet, fate seemed to have other plans. Charlo's decision to move up in weight to face boxing superstar Canelo Alvarez left Tszyu in a precarious position. While Tszyu was subsequently elevated to full belt holder, his desire to face Charlo remained unfulfilled.

Now, with Charlo seemingly unresponsive to the prospect of a showdown, Tszyu has voiced his frustration, branding the former champion a "coward" in a recent interview. Tszyu's sentiments echo a growing sentiment that Charlo's actions speak louder than his words, especially with the recent developments of Charlo vacating his IBF strap and being named Champion in Recess by the WBC.

“I've come to the conclusion that I’m never going to fight him because he’s a bit of a coward,” Tszyu told a group of reporters.

While Tszyu never held Charlo in high regard personally, he always respected him as a fighter. However, his recent remarks suggest a shift in perception, with Tszyu questioning Charlo's commitment to the sport and his willingness to defend his titles.

In the absence of a response from Charlo, Tszyu's hopes for a showdown seem to be dwindling. As Tszyu continues to make waves in the boxing world, his desire to face the best remains undiminished, even if one of those best is now seemingly out of reach.


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