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Terence Crawford defeats Shawn Porter to retain WBO welterweight title

Crawford became the first fighter to stop Sean Porter, who recorded the 10th round of the TKO to retain the WBO Welterweight Championship in front of 11,568 spectators at the Microbel Ultra Arena. As a bobbing right hand swings in the air and knocks Sean Porter to his knees, two old friends, a roof house and a sharpshooter, are gambling under the lights in Las Vegas. These are the nights that have always nurtured the imagination of boxing. At the casino, sitting on the edge of the ring with Tommy Hurns and paying homage to the late Porter Marvin Hegler, it really felt like a piece of boxing history. As the match progressed, Crawford began to strike slowly, like a good fighter, pulling out Porter, who pushed his charges forward with great success. He dropped a few clean jaws and a lone right hand to claim the first round. In the second round, the fuse exploded. The two fighters began an open strike, with Porter clearing a fine counter-right through the guard and chasing him with a hook. Crawford smiled, nodded, and leaned slightly to his left as Porter searched for more. War becomes a little more difficult when the two fighters know each other from a young age, then the war quickly becomes emotional. Whenever Porter was successful, Crawford would shake his head at the dismissal, catch the collective panting in the crowd, and start his own hateful fight. As they approached, their heads inevitably and repeatedly collided, and soon the right eye of both fighters was cut off. At least for a while, Porter managed to keep the champion away from his lead. His fast-paced tactics, insulting from within, using the power that made him such a promising player in American football, proved effective in suppressing Crawford's sharp punches. Once approaching, he fired his own rough shots. In the middle stage, he was also on all three judges' scorecards. But after a while, it became clear that Crawford's lens was focusing. Crawford began to time Porter's tremors, cutting him with a fork and a clean left hand. Porter deceived some of the pain symptoms as he barred forward, but slowly and surely the punishment was taking a toll. In the ninth, Crawford won the fight, estimating Porter's every strike, and the fight ended as he entered the championship rounds. A demonic counter attached to the upper cut porter's chin and held it in its tracks. He fell back against the canvas, retreated almost immediately, and vowed to move forward, but bravery would not last long. Crawford patiently jumped on his toes and bent down like a piston waiting to be fired. Crawford's follow-up shot spread his opponent back to the temple. In a fit of frustration, Porter fumbled with the canvas, his arms outstretched, and his father, Kenny, waved a white towel over his ring apron. It was the first time Porter had been stopped in his long and distinguished career. Within hours of the fighting, he announced that this would be his last, confirming his retirement at a post-battle press conference. This was the ninth consecutive stoppage victory for Crawford. World champion in three different weight classes, now he has only one fight left and a desire to box. An epic that really goes a long way in meeting the exploits of Hegler and Horns many years ago. Errol Spence Jr., the WBC and IBF champion, took to the field for the competition but left as soon as it was over, before the pandemonium and showboating began. Crawford is now ready to line up with the same promoter as his old rival, patience and time for politics may finally run out. When that time comes, there will be very few people who doubt Crawford's legitimacy. Undercard results: Esquiva Falcao TD 6 Patrice Volny Janibek Alimkhanuly TKO 8 Hassan N’Dam Raymond Muratalla TKO 5 Elias Araujo


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