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Tevin Farmer Ready to Jump Two Weight Classes for Ryan Garcia Clash!

After a tough loss to Gervonta Davis in 2023, Ryan Garcia is still seeking a defining fight in the 140-pound division. Despite being without a belt, the 25-year-old boxer believes his star power soared after the pay-per-view (PPV) bout, which reportedly garnered over one million buys.

Tevin Farmer

Despite initial progress in talks, Romero surprised Garcia by pulling out of their potential bout and signing a contract to face Isaac Cruz on March 30th. With his plans derailed, Garcia is now back to square one, exploring options for his next fight.

One potential contender could be Tevin Farmer, a seasoned boxer who has expressed interest in stepping up to face Garcia. Farmer, a former 130-pound champion, is eager for a chance to compete at the higher weight class and believes he can offer Garcia a significant challenge.

In a recent interview w, Farmer expressed his readiness to move up two weight classes to take on Garcia. He emphasized his frustration with the lack of compelling opponents for Garcia and sees himself as a necessary challenge for the young boxer.

“I been seeing Ryan Garcia lately looking for opponents and they haven't been coming through,” Farmer said during a recent virtual interview.
“Rolly fell through, he already fought Gervonta. Teofimo, Devin Haney, none of them are available. I’ll move up two weight classes. I want that work.”

With Garcia still searching for a high-profile opponent, Farmer sees an opportunity to make his mark in the super lightweight division and is willing to seize it.

the boxing world awaits Garcia's next move, the question remains: who will be the next contender to step into the ring with him?


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