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Thai Fight Culture

Thailand is known for many things, they have a very rich history and culture. Their form of kickboxing - Muay Thai is absolutely brutal. Fighters from all over the world will go to Thailand to train traditional Muay Thai. It's kind of a right of passage in American kickboxing. So if you ever travel there, be sure to go train and even watch a fight in person.

Something interesting about Muay Thai fighters, they smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol. Not just in general but while training. It's kind of encouraged even. There was a season of Ultimate Fighter where they brought in an American fighter who had trained in Thailand for years to spar with the shows fighters. He showed up drunk and still kicked all their asses, made it look easy.

Muay Thai is big on utilizing your knees and elbows, wrapping people up and fighting in the clinch. Blows from elbows or knees are devastating and often banned by different fight promoters. Muay Thai does not ban these and instead encourages that you use them. So you could say Thai fighters are as tough as they come. They will often start training as young as 5 years old.

Muay Thai can be traced back to the 16th century. It was influenced by the martials arts out of both China and India where Thailand sits between. Traditional Muay Thai and Boxing are some of todays most popular sports in Thailand. This culture has honed one of the best fighting styles in the world, for that we at Fight TV are very grateful for Thai fight culture.


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