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The Diaz Brothers Story

The Diaz brothers are synonymous with fight culture. They've been here since the earlier days of UFC in 2008 for Nate and 2003 for Nick. They were both fighting professionally before, and kicking ass. Nick was a IFC, Strikeforce, and WEC Welterweight champion, Nate was fighting top contenders in WEC. They were born to a Mexican-American family in Stockton California. They grew up street fighting and carry that mentality along with them into their career. Nate is famous for his sentiment on fighting where he doesn't want it to be about sportsmanship and shaking hands, he wants to wreck shop. The brothers have been doing martial arts since they were kids. They started training Brazilian Jiujitsu under Cesar Gracie, who they both received their blackbelt under. 2008 for Nick and 2012 for Nate. Nate still co-holds the record for UFC bonus awards, and also held the record for most UFC PPV sales at one point. Nicks most monumental fights were those against Robbie Lawler, who while Nick was known as a grappler bested Lawler in striking, shocking everyone. His fight with Frank Shamrock put Strikeforce on the map of promoters who host a mean fight, Nick TKO'ing Shamrock in the second round. Diaz beat BJ Penn by decision and what a wild fight that was, watching two grappling legends beat the shit out of eachother, but Nick won via decision. The brothers are also huge advocates for cannabis, they're entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry owning brands like Game Up Nutrition. They run a gym - the Nick Diaz Academy. They're charitable and care about their community. You can tell by the mural of Nate Diaz in Stockton.


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