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Tom Aspinall Makes SHOCKING Claim after his Pursuit of Jon Jones Fight

UFC's interim heavyweight champion, Tom Aspinall, has found himself embroiled in a storm of controversy following his pursuit of a fight with Jon Jones. Aspinall, who recently claimed the interim strap with a stunning knockout victory over Sergei Pavlovich, has been vocal about his desire to challenge Jones for the undisputed title.

Tom Aspinall
Aspinall: I’m human so it affects me sometimes

However, Jones' plans for a legacy fight against Stipe Miocic, coupled with a recent injury, have complicated Aspinall's aspirations. This has led to a public exchange between Aspinall and Jones on social media, with both fighters expressing their views on the potential matchup.

In a recent interview, Aspinall revealed the dark side of his pursuit, sharing that he has received death threats online due to his desire to fight Jones. Despite the negativity, Aspinall remains resolute in his pursuit of the heavyweight championship.

"People on the internet are wild," Aspinall commented. "You have to kind of see it for what it is. It’s not real life, a lot of it comes from jealousy. People don’t like to see other people do well, unfortunately that’s the way of the world. With a lot of love comes a lot of hate as well. That’s the way the cookie crumbles unfortunately."

He continued,

"I’m human so it affects me sometimes. But I try to just turn a blind eye to it and just crack on. The internet is a strange place. I clicked on my message requests by accident the other day and people are sending me death threats for wanting to fight Jon Jones, who’s the best in the world and it’s madness.
You just think what the f*** is going on in your life that you want to say that you want to kill somebody else because they want to fight, it’s madness."

Aspinall's revelations highlight the challenges faced by athletes in the digital age, where social media can amplify both support and hostility. Despite the online backlash, Aspinall remains focused on his goal of securing a fight with Jones and solidifying his position in the UFC's heavyweight division.


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