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Gervonta Davis Demands 2 Ferraris to Fight in Saudi Arabia

Gervonta Davis, the renowned southpaw boxer from Baltimore, Maryland, has voiced his reluctance to fight in Saudi Arabia, citing extravagant demands that would need to be met before he would consider such a bout.

Gervonta Davis
Davis: Send me something to my front 2 Ferraris

In a series of social media posts, Davis emphasized that he would require a substantial payday along with an array of expensive gifts before he would entertain the idea of fighting in the Middle Eastern country.

“They made me mad, if they want me they gotta send me something to my front 2 Ferraris or [something]!” Davis wrote.
“Like before I even think about going over there,” Davis added.

Saudi Arabia has recently emerged as a significant financial supporter of high-profile boxing matches, hosting several headline-grabbing events in Riyadh. These include the crossover fight between WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and former UFC champion Francis Ngannou in October, followed by separate fights featuring former heavyweight champions Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua.

Turki Alalshikh, the chairman of the General Entertainment Authority in Saudi Arabia, which oversees the country's cultural and entertainment offerings, extended an invitation to Davis to fight in Saudi Arabia later this year. Alalshikh expressed his desire to work with Davis and conveyed the country's interest in hosting the boxing star.

Davis, however, responded to Alalshikh's invitation with clear demands, stating that he would need to receive significant gifts, such as two Ferraris, before he would even consider the proposal. He emphasized that such gifts would need to be delivered to his doorstep before he would contemplate fighting in Saudi Arabia.

Addressing accusations of fear or reluctance to fight in Saudi Arabia, Davis asserted his position of power in negotiations, indicating that he is not afraid to fight anywhere.

Despite the allure of potential matchups in Saudi Arabia, Davis is expected to continue fighting in the United States for the foreseeable future. His promotional team, Haymon's Premier Boxing Champions, recently secured a new content agreement with Amazon Prime Video following the closure of Showtime's sports department. The first PBC-Amazon fight is anticipated to take place in March, signaling Davis's commitment to his domestic audience.


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