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Shakur Stevenson's Weight Cut Dilemma

Shakur Stevenson faced a new challenge when asked to make weight before his fight against Robson Conceicao. Despite his past success in meeting weight requirements, Stevenson found himself unable to make the cut for this bout.

Shakur Stevenson
Shakur Stevenson's Professionalism Tested

Moving up in weight brought relief for Stevenson, who felt more comfortable without the pressure of cutting those extra pounds. His debut in the new weight class showcased his skills as he cruised to victory against Shuichiro Yoshino, setting the stage for future challenges.

Despite holding the promise of a vacant WBC lightweight title, Stevenson struggled to find opponents willing to face him. Big names in the boxing world showed little interest in stepping into the ring with him, leaving Stevenson frustrated.

Eventually, Stevenson's team approached Frank Martin, a fighter known for his willingness to take on tough challenges. However, negotiations hit a roadblock when Martin expressed dissatisfaction with the proposed purse for the fight. Despite Stevenson's victory over Edwin De Los Santos, tensions remained high between him and Martin.

In response to the situation, Stevenson took to social media to express his willingness to fight Martin on fair terms. While critical of Martin's stance, Stevenson remains open to the possibility of facing him in the future, emphasizing his readiness to take on any opponent who presents a meaningful challenge.

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