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KSI Refuses to Accept Defeat in Controversial Fight

YouTuber-turned-boxer KSI is refusing to accept his defeat against Tommy Fury in their highly anticipated showdown last October at the Manchester Arena. Despite the judges' decision in favor of Fury, KSI is standing firm, claiming that he was the true victor of the closely contested six-round battle.

KSI vs Fury
KSI: I felt like I won the fight

Fury, known for his undefeated record and recent victory over Jake Paul, faced off against KSI in what was expected to be a clash of titans. However, the outcome has left KSI questioning the judges' scoring and expressing frustration at what he perceives as an unjust verdict.

"I felt like I won the fight, so to have the judges completely take that moment away from me, it sucked," KSI expressed, highlighting his disappointment with the decision.

"I looked back at the fight and I tried to find any highlights, any showings of Tommy Fury beating me in that fight, and it was just hard to see any," KSI remarked, pointing to the widespread belief among fans and pundits that he should have emerged victorious.

The aftermath of the fight has ignited a fiery debate within the boxing community, with many questioning the judges' decision and rallying behind KSI's claims of victory. Despite the official result, KSI remains steadfast in his belief that he outperformed Fury and sees the fight as a stepping stone in his boxing career.

"I feel much better. In terms of the Tommy Fury fight, I feel like I’ve come out better, much better than he is," KSI confidently asserted. "It’s nice to know that my fight with Tommy Fury will be the biggest fight he’ll ever have in his life."

Taking a jab at Fury's inability to secure a knockout against him, KSI humorously remarked, "The fact that Tommy Fury was unable to knockout a YouTuber who has been boxing for about three years is actually hilarious."

Despite the controversy surrounding the fight's outcome, KSI remains undaunted, standing by his performance and looking ahead to future challenges in the ring.


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