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Tommy Fury spars with Tyson Fury for his upcoming fight against KSI

Heavyweight champion Tyson Fury showed off his abilities by emphatically sparring with his younger brother Tommy Fury, despite a startling weight differential.

Tyson unleashed powerful blows during their enthralling sparring match, and his ferocious roars reverberated throughout the training facility.

But Tommy Fury, who is no new to the boxing ring himself, showed that he was not to be outdone by scoring a number of excellent knockouts of his intimidating older brother.

Fans were in awe of the fierce exchange after Tommy quickly published a video of their intense interaction on his Instagram account.

This rigorous training session couldn't have come at a more important time as Tommy Fury seriously gets ready for his next fight against YouTube sensation turned professional boxer KSI.

The fight with KSI is approaching, and Tommy Fury's trainer and father, John Fury, recently teased that this eagerly awaited match would soon be announced in an interview.

"We're on the brink of finalizing the deal," John Fury disclosed. "The Sauerlands and I are nearing an agreement, and I believe an official announcement is imminent.

In an interview with his promotional organisation Misfits Boxing on YouTube, KSI himself went on to confirm this, saying: "I am training for that fight.


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