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Tsarukyan's Thunder: A Lightning-Fast Knockout Shakes Up UFC Austin

In a jaw-dropping display of skill and power, Arman Tsarukyan announced his arrival as a force to be reckoned with in the lightweight division by delivering a lightning-fast knockout to Beneil Dariush in just 64 seconds in the UFC Austin main event.

Long hailed as a prospect destined for the title, Tsarukyan seized the opportunity to showcase his talents against a top-ranked opponent, and he did so with undeniable flair. From the moment the fight began, Tsarukyan exuded confidence, trading shots with Dariush on the feet.

The finishing sequence was a thing of beauty – a knee that narrowly missed its mark, swiftly followed by a thunderous right hand that sent Dariush's head spinning, ultimately crashing him to the canvas. Tsarukyan wasted no time, unleashing a barrage of follow-up shots until the referee deemed it enough, bringing the fight to a halt at a mere 1:04 in the opening round.

“I was expecting a knockout,” Tsarukyan declared after the electrifying victory. “I don’t want to win a decision. I just wanted to perform very well, knock him out, go home, and get a title fight."

Tsarukyan's confidence was evident as he invited Dariush to engage in a striking battle. Despite Dariush's early strong kicks, Tsarukyan showcased readiness for any challenge thrown his way. His precise combinations and calculated approach paid off as he found his range and executed the fight-ending sequence.

With this triumph marking his third consecutive win, Tsarukyan undoubtedly leaps up the rankings, making a strong case for a title shot. Eager for redemption, Tsarukyan expressed a desire for a rematch with UFC lightweight champion Islam Makhachev, whom he faced in his octagon debut four years ago.

“Hopefully, the next fight is going to be for the title,” Tsarukyan declared. “If not, it doesn’t matter, one more fight. I’m going to be a champion, trust me guys."

In a division stacked with talent, Tsarukyan's thunderous knockout has set the stage for an exciting journey ahead, leaving fans eager to witness the rise of this dynamic and determined fighter.


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