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Tyson Fury backs Deontay Wilder to beat all heavyweights except himself

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has voiced his support for former rival Deontay Wilder, backing him to beat anyone in the heavyweight division except for Fury himself.

Fury and Wilder have faced each other a total of three times, with Fury winning their last bout in 2021 via an eleventh round knockout. Despite his victories over Wilder, Fury acknowledges the former champion’s power and believes that his own size and weight were significant factors in his ability to withstand Wilder’s punches.

“I think my sheer size and weight has a lot to do with him not being able to knock me out cold. He hits a guy 6ft 3ins and 225-pounds, they’re nailed to the canvas. But a guy 6ft 9ins and 277-pounds - size matters,” Fury told The Sun.

Wilder has bounced back from his back-to-back losses to Fury and is still a formidable contender in the heavyweight division. He recently knocked out Robert Helenius in a single round and was ordered by the WBC to fight former unified champion Andy Ruiz in a final eliminator.

Fury believes that Wilder’s power and skill make him a formidable opponent for any heavyweight, and would back him to beat anyone in the division except for Fury himself.

“My most formidable opponent was Deontay Wilder. All three times it could’ve been curtains for me at any second. He knocked out every single person that he ever fought, apart from me. I’d back him to beat everybody in the division apart from myself,” Fury said.

The heavyweight division is currently one of the most exciting and competitive in boxing, with several top contenders vying for a shot at the title. While Fury’s endorsement of Wilder is a significant statement, it remains to be seen whether Wilder will be able to prove himself against the other top fighters in the division.

For now, however, Fury’s backing of Wilder is a testament to the former champion’s skill and power, and adds another layer of excitement to the ongoing competition in the heavyweight division.


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