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Tyson Fury blasts Joe Rogan after favoring Jon Jones in a possible fight between the two

Joe Rogan is succeeding well so far if his goal was to covertly advertise a future Jon Jones vs. Tyson Fury bout. Joe Rogan discussed a potential fight between these two comedians with Andrew Schulz during a recent episode of "The Joe Rogan Experience." Joe was undoubtedly referring to MMA fights rather than boxing. And he said that if we would lock Fury and Jones into a room then it is quite understandable that Jones would be the man to walk out the room.

Regardless, Tyson Fury went on an expletive rant, insulting Rogan for thinking this and also called Rogan a 'midget', and it was decided that the bear had been pricked. That was the initial response, but Jon Jones made the decision to intervene. He did so via Twitter and his response was more of an invitation. He invited Fury to step in to his world and fight Jones in MMA.

Dana White is unlikely to consent to this scenario, at least not while Jon Jones is still bound by his contract. Though provocative, picturing a fight between these two is still rather improbable. To begin with, Tyson Fury would not take the chance of fighting the world's baddest guy in an octagon.

After winning the Heavyweight Championship match against Ciryl Gane, Jon Jones cemented his status as the unquestioned GOAT in the UFC community. Fury can retort and criticise all he wants, but by cancelling his fight with Oleksandr Usyk recently, he continues to put money before legacy. One has to question whether Fury would be tempted to face Jones in the octagon if Dana White offered him $50 million for a battle.


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