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This past weekend everybody was talking about A.J 's meltdown and how he lost it. Nobody was talking about how the unified world champion Oleksandr Usyk stayed calm and composed during the tantrum. He is the type of fighter that does his talking with his fist, he doesnt like to disrespect fighters or talk crap and do a show for the crowd outside of the ring. I believe he is a good role model for young kids in boxing. Unlike other fighters like Tyson Fury that always talks nonsence and if he screws up he blames mental health issues. Usyk is doing his job with respect to everyone and keeping his cool even when in his country they are at war, where he has lost friends and maybe even family members. Even under those circumstances he behaves like a man and not like a drama queen or diva and he keeps prooving boxing experts wrong and taking over the heavyweight división. I believe Tyson Fury is the best in the heavyweight división but I just got on the Usyk bandwagon.


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