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Watch: Sean Strickland Gets Surprise Shot in 'Roman Candle War'"

UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland is making headlines once again, showcasing his trademark chaotic energy just weeks before his upcoming title defense at UFC 297. After an eventful period that saw him capture the middleweight championship, engage in a highly-publicized rivalry with Dricus du Plessis, and even have a physical altercation with him at UFC 296, Strickland's recent appearance on Theo Von’s podcast has further boosted his popularity.

Despite his growing fame, Strickland remains focused on his upcoming bout, where he is set to defend his title against du Plessis later this month. However, amidst his preparations, Strickland has been involved in a lighthearted fireworks battle with Nina-Marie Daniele, adding a touch of his signature unpredictability to the lead-up to his fight in Toronto.

In a recently released video, Strickland and Daniele are seen engaging in a playful fireworks exchange, with Daniele commenting on the event,

"Why would anyone with a brain do this? I don’t know. Was it fun? Hell yes. That was fun as f—. Did we get hurt? We absolutely got hurt. Everyone got burned."

According to Daniele, the duo used 196 roman candles with three shots each, resulting in nearly 600 fireworks being fired during their playful skirmish. Recounting the experience, Daniele revealed,

"I got burned. I got shot in the ass. I got burn marks on my jeans straight to my f—ing glute, bro. Sean got burnt the most because he decided to play shirts vs skins and he was the only one with no shirt on. Doesn’t make sense but that’s Sean for you."

As Strickland's antics continue to capture attention, fans are eagerly anticipating his upcoming title defense at UFC 297, where he will once again step into the octagon to defend his middleweight championship against du Plessis.

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