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WBA say's wait a minute.

WBA got in the way with Wood's and Rollie's fight plans. Leigh Wood after regaining his WBA world title beating Lara in their remach was negociating a fight against Josh Warrinton and Rollie Romero was in talks with Goldenboy to fight Ryan Garcia next for a nice purse. Unfortunatly for them WBA president Gilberto Mendoza say's not so fast, first you must fight mandatories. For Wood his mandatory is Otabek k Holmatov , he's been in líne for a while now and he's next according to WBA. In Romero's casé its Ohara Davies. WBA president Gilberto Mendoza says those are the mandatories and thats final. Its seems the WBA wants to clean up their act a little , which is good for boxing.


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