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Weigh-ins and faceoff between the Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin fight

This weekend's third battle between Canelo Alvarez and Gennadiy Golovkin is expected to feature impressive performances from both boxers.

When the two initially met in 2017, many thought Golovkin had done enough, but the judges at the ringside ruled the fight a draw. The following year, Canelo improved and won, but Golovkin continued to believe he had won. Since their second encounter, the two have taken divergent paths, but on Saturday they will resume hostilities.

It has been Alvarez and Golovkin's goal to unify the middleweight division twice. Their opening match of 2017 ended in a hotly contested tie. When Alvarez received a six-month ban for failing a drug test, which he attributed to consuming tainted meat, a rematch was postponed.

When the second bout finally occurred in 2018, the Mexican prevailed by unanimous decision. Both combatants believe that their business is not done. When Golovkin arrived in Las Vegas for their third bout, which would take place at super-middleweight, where Alvarez is now the undisputed champion, he said, "This is not just for me, [it's] for sport. I want to bring boxing's position back, I want a clean sport."

Alvarez is incensed by remarks that cast doubt on his character and stated: "The history we have, after the second fight he said a lot about me, so that's why I take this personally.

"It means a lot because everybody is going to remember this trilogy, so it means a lot for me."

Their feud runs deep. Even his mother "hates so much Golovkin".

"You're going to hear in the arena a lot of bad words from my mum," Alvarez said with a smile. "But it is what it is, it's my mum."

Even though Golovkin has never been stopped, Alvarez will be going for a knockout. "Look, that's my goal," the champion said.

“But you never know in boxing. That's my goal. I prepare myself for that. But you never know. I'm going to jump in the ring and fight with my head. That's my goal, I'm going to try all the fight to end the fight before the 12th round. But you never know."


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