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What we learned from the KSI vs TEMPER face off

YouTube sensation KSI will make his comeback to the ring tomorrow as he leads the Misfists x DAZN 004 card and takes on the 6 foot 4 southpaw Faze Temper.

In this face-off, hosted by commentator Wade on his YouTube channel "The W.A.D.E Concept," KSI, who will be competing for the sixth time, wasted no time in proclaiming his wish to meet Jake Paul.

The statement made by KSI to Faze Temper, "My end goal is Jake Paul, so I just need to show everyone I'm on a different level and I'm going to have to use you as one of the examples." Faze Temper will be entering the ring with a record of 2-1 (1KO), looking to put on a show and get the upset win.

KSI continued by saying he had been training very hard, engaging in daily sparring with southpaws for multiple sets of rounds, and hitting several personal bests in cardio, strength, and conditioning. He said Temper was "very excited" about this since he had "been on his a-game as well."

Both competitors expressed their confidence in their ability to win while also promising pyrotechnics and a spectacle. Both fighters were able conducted themselves with poise and respect for one another, the two being friends outside of the ring.

While his opponent asserts that KSI won't be able to touch him, KSI made it plain that his game strategy entails a lot of intensity, a lot of tempo, and intense pressure with the conviction that he would make Temper "drown."

"Tomorrows a new day, you are going to get stopped tomorrow. I believe that. I promise I believe that." Temper to KSI.

The British YouTuber responded to this statement by laughing and saying he "finds it funny."

"I admit to everyone I know that I genuinely think I am operating at a higher level. Jake Paul and I will simply flat-line him at that point, at which point we will say, 'Wow, KSI really is that man.' " - KSI

We, as the audience, should expect fireworks and an intense fight because both combatants have been transparent about their fighting styles and strategies ahead of tomorrow night's showdown. Both competitors promised a knockout, a display of their abilities, and their explosiveness.

KSI is the overwhelming favourite going into this fight, but some people think Faze Temper has a chance.


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