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When George Foreman Repossessed Derrick Lewis's Car

Derrick Lewis faces Ciryl Gane this Saturday, August 7th. Before he became famous in the UFC for being an epic knockout artist and hilarious fighter in his post fight interviews. Derrick was an aspiring boxer, or at least tried it out with the intention of improving his striking in MMA.

George Foreman took Derrick Lewis into his camp with open arms. Seeing that Lewis had obvious talent after watching him spar George's son. He got Derrick a car and was on the verge of getting him an apartment across the street from their gym. Derrick told George he preferred MMA, and didn't want to put all his focus on boxing. To which the boxing legend responded by repossessing the car. In hindsight, George says that was the best decision Derrick could have made.

Derrick Lewis doesn't care. Today he's one of the biggest fighters in MMA and has a Lamborghini, a few steps above the domestic make Foreman had him driving. George Foreman is still one of Lewis's biggest supporters and fans, although he is still saddened that Derrick didn't follow in his footsteps.

It's really interesting the more we learn about Derrick Lewis. The guy is an all around character and if it wasn't for combat sports we think he'd make a great comedian. We look forward to watching him fight Ciryl Gane this week! There's lots of memes going around, prodding that although Gane is the more technical and trained fighter, Derrick will still probably knock him out.


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