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Yaroslav Amosov defends title, brilliant in a first fight since the Russia-Ukraine conflict

In a spectacular display of skill and determination, Yaroslav Amosov defended his Bellator welterweight title in his first fight since the conflict between Russia and Ukraine began in 2022. Amosov faced off against American fighter Logan Storley in a dominant performance that showcased his wrestling and striking skills.

Despite the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Amosov decided to take a break from the sport and participate in a bigger fight with his countrymen. Storley capture the interim title in the meantime. He was able to travel to Dublin to compete in Bellator 291 after almost one and half year gap. In doing so, he made a powerful statement about his commitment to his country and his desire to represent Ukraine on the world stage.

For two and a half years since their first match, Amosov showed improved play upon his return to the field and took Storley apart for five rounds. Amosov easily destroyed Storley's takedown in the third round, hitting him on the legs and stunning him repeatedly in rounds three and four. This sufficed for Amosov to earn a decision and emerge as the top 170-pound fighter on the Bellator line-up.

Amosov's victory at Bellator 291 was not only a testament to his athletic ability, but also to his resilience and determination in the face of adversity. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has been ongoing for over a year, causing a great deal of political tension and uncertainty. Despite this, Amosov remained focused on his training and preparation, showing the world that even amid conflict, athletes can rise above the circumstances and perform at their best.

In interviews leading up to the fight, Amosov spoke passionately about his desire to bring attention to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine through his performances in the cage. With his victory at Bellator 291, he has done just that, shining a light on the struggles of his country and inspiring others to stand up for what they believe in.

“It was one year yesterday when crazy Putin started the war in my country,” Amosov said on the mic inside Dublin’s 3Arena. “He wants to kill kids who are Ukrainian. I want to say thank you to the Ukrainian military for the defense of my county. Thank you to everyone who helps my country.”


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