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Alexander Shabliy Expresses Uncertainty Over Usman Nurmagomedov Fight Amid Contract Delays

Alexander Shabliy Expresses Uncertainty Over Usman Nurmagomedov
Alexander Shabliy (right) Usman Nurmagomedov (left)

Alexander Shabliy, set to face Usman Nurmagomedov in a high-stakes bout, is facing uncertainty as contract and terms from the PFL remain pending, leaving the fighter in a state of anticipation.

In a recent interview, Shabliy shared his concerns about the lack of communication and contract finalization despite the official announcement of his fight against Nurmagomedov. The anticipation for the bout, which could potentially determine the Bellator lightweight grand prix champion and secure a $1 million prize, has left Shabliy eager yet uncertain.

"I've been doing training camp... but I'm not fully sure the fight is actually going to happen," Shabliy expressed, highlighting the frustration caused by the absence of a finalized contract and clarity on the terms of the fight.

Despite the challenges, Shabliy remains focused on his training and preparation for the bout with Nurmagomedov. However, the lack of communication and clarity from PFL regarding the fight's details has cast a shadow of uncertainty over the upcoming event.

Shabliy's situation reflects broader concerns within the MMA community about the transition and continuity of commitments following organizational acquisitions. While he maintains confidence in PFL eventually honoring the obligations inherited from Bellator, the current lack of clarity has caused distractions and raised questions about the future trajectory of his career.

As Shabliy continues to navigate the uncertainties surrounding his upcoming fight, he remains hopeful that PFL will provide the necessary answers and ensure a smooth transition for fighters like himself.


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