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Arturo: A Decades-Long Dedication to MMA and Boxing


Arturo, a seasoned journalist with a deep-rooted history in combat sports, has been a prominent figure in the MMA and boxing scenes since the early 1990s. His extensive experience and diverse background have allowed him to gain unique insights into the world of fighting, making him a respected voice in the industry.

With a career spanning over three decades, Arturo has witnessed the evolution of both MMA and boxing firsthand. His passion for the sport led him to cover notable events like the Cage vs. Con and Tuff E Nuff, where he served as a shadow judge, showcasing his in-depth understanding of the fight game.


Arturo's Journey

Arturo's journey in combat sports goes beyond journalism, as he has also dabbled in other aspects of the industry. His background in Tang Soo Do, Escrima, American Wrestling, and street fights has given him a well-rounded perspective on various fighting disciplines, allowing him to appreciate the intricacies of each style.

Arturo with Cyborg Santos

In addition to his journalistic endeavors, Arturo has also delved into the realm of strength and conditioning, working alongside Alejarra, a renowned figure in the fight game known for training Brazilian champions. His collaborations with legends like Riberios, Damian Maya, Fabricio Camoes (Morongo), Andre Galvan, Verdum, Cyborgs, and the Gracies, as well as KJ Noons, have further solidified his reputation as a trusted figure in the fight community.

Arturo's multifaceted background and extensive network within the combat sports world have positioned him as a valuable asset to FIGHT.TV. His wealth of knowledge and firsthand experiences make him a journalist who not only reports on the action but also understands the intricacies and nuances of the sport from a unique perspective.


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